Thursday’s Show Synopsis………..

Ben Boyd, Thu, 22 May 2008 17:35:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis

Thursday’s Show Synopsis
by austin voelker

Hour 1

Last night in San Diego, Chris Young took an Albert Pujols line drive to the head. Doug reflected on a similar incident that he was involved in. When The Vaughn was challenged by a ten year old Jake Timmy to hit better than his little league team had been, Doug rose to the occasion and nearly beheaded young Evan Schlavenslenger.

soccer talk ensues as the gang talks about the champion’s league final. the cat questions producer joe on why the officials look like interior designers from san francisco. the boys discussed why soccer players cry and the cat says everything comes back to the liverpool incident of 1992.

Hour 2

The Cat and Tim discuss their love for George Michael. Hayes, Vaughn, and McKernan respond to the Bernie Miklasz column on the sale of the Rams. Then The Commish, Hall of Famer Rick Hummel discusses Cardinal baseball with the boys as the show turns into a Hall & Oates sing along.

Hour 3

the morning after receives a call from a surprise guest. walter, (keith tkachuk) called in to b.s. with the boys. the listening audience was introduced to intern russell a.k.a. rusty, for the first time on air. rusty revealed that he has learned nothing from his internship, but is heavily involved in printing off emails.

Left Over Riff Raff:

Tim feels bad his intern has learned nothing…..
Doug shows his lack of knowledge on Hall & Oates music….
We learn that Intern Russell is smart, as he earned a full ride academic scholarship to Seaton Hall…..