Thursday’s Show Synopsis…

Ben Boyd, Thu, 17 Jul 2008 15:43:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis


It’s the reunion show with Martin filling in for Doug who is on vacation…..The guys bring Producer Joe into the studio for the reunion because he was the first guy from the old show to get whacked (September 1, 2006).….Joe Buck wanted all the guys to walk away from the old station when Producer Joe was fired. Buck was outraged……

Martin is wearing the Morning Grind T-shirt, which depicted each of the hosts as something being wrong with them…..Tim’s head is misshaped in the caricature, and Martin’s depiction looks like he needs to wear a helmet….

Billy Packer doesn’t have a cell phone, doesn’t have the internet and once hired a psychic to find the killer in the OJ Simpson murder case…..

Robbie Lawler:
mma fighter robbie lawler joined the guys in studio….he said that he likes fighting and likes to compete and it doesn’t matter what channel he will be on, but he will be on cbs, who got huge ratings when kimbo slice fought on the station a while back….. robbie is the elitexc middleweight champion….kimbo definitely needs work on his skills, but he is a natural fighter…..he started martial arts when he was young, and started training with pat miletich and wrestled when he was in high school….he fought full time when he graduated…..robbie hasn’t suffered anything nasty or grotesque in his career, and he said that if people don’t like it then they shouldn’t watch it… said he is impressed with how guys fight when they are on the ground…..robbie said that he usually trains 5-6 hours a day when he gets a couple weeks out from a fight……

Andy Dick was arrested yesterday for sexually harassing a 17 year-old girl outside of BW3…..He had marijuana on him and some xanex and he allegedly pulled the girls’ shirt off……The guys wonder what he would be doing at Buffalo Wild Wings……


Martin didn’t want to ruin his Reese’s Pieces by leaving them in the car so he brought them inside, and Cat thinks he is flavoring his yogurt with them…..

bob costas had a bunch of hall of famers on his hbo show including pete rose, bob gibson, and dave winfield…..when bob introduced rose he said that pete probably knows the odds of getting food poisoning before an appearance on a show, and pete called bob a smartass…..jim palmer said that once pete is reinstated into baseball he would vote for him to be in the hall of fame……dave winfield said that he doesn’t think rose will be voted in while he is still alive……the guys agree that cheating the game is wrong, but that using steroids or amphetamines to get ahead is different than gambling, and gambling is worse… doesn’t think it will be soon, but pete rose will be elected into the hall before he dies…..pete’s apology has never felt sincere…..

Another issue on Costas Now was whether steroid era players should be in the Hall of Fame…….Mike Schmidt said that players accused of using steroids should be allowed into the Hall of Fame because if he was in the same situation, he thinks he would’ve used steroids……Ken Rosenthal said he would not vote for Mark McGwire for the Hall of Fame, and he said that it is very hard for writers to be able to compare players’ stats now to the players of the past……Tim said that if you have to debate whether someone is a Hall of Famer or not then he should not be elected…..The guys talk about Andre Dawson’s stats and whether he should be in…..Martin said yes because of his fielding combined with his offense…..

Martin loves traveling, and Tim said a good reason to not have kids or to even just not get married is so you can do whatever you want and travel all over……The guys talk about doing the show from Simmons’ station in Austin before the Mizzou vs. Texas game…..


Cougar Hunter Jake called in and talked about the Cougar Next Door party last weekend……Doug and Jake were doing “hot laps” around Lush …..One girl came up and promised giving Jake a walk in the park and Doug could chaperone…..

Will Clark:
will overslept yesterday because he had to watch the game because this one “counts.” …..he said it’s been an exhibition game for 120 years till someone screwed it up…..will likes watching the all-star game to see who the fans vote in……will isn’t sure why the game has lost some of its luster…..he said that if he was voted to play he would be there no matter what…’s always a positive to have a tattoo of andy dick on your left breast…..will has been vacationing a lot this summer….he went to hawaii, a family reunion outside of kansas city, and is leaving tomorrow for destin to hang out on the beach for awhile….it’s sad that players leave the ballpark before the all-star game is even over nowadays….will said that “for sure” pete rose should be in the hall of fame……they got the goods on pete, and he admitted it, but he shouldn’t be banned for life…..will doesn’t think that the hall of fame has gotten to a point where it is too easy to get in……will said he played evidently in the steroid era even though he had nothing to do with it….he didn’t know the prevalence of steroid use, but he said that it was obvious when someone hit a ton of homeruns one year after hitting only a handful the years before….will said he thinks its worse to use steroids than bet on the game because it is hard to manipulate the outcome of the game……it’s almost been 8 years since the cardinals got will in a trade right before the deadline…..will said that he had told the gm to get him out of baltimore, and he told him that the only team who wanted him was st. louis. will said that he told the gm do you want me to book the flight or are you going to do it?…….martin said he was warned by the media in baltimore that will was an ass, and will said, “if you treat me like an ass, i’ll treat you like an ass”…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Talking to Producer Joe is like looking directly into the sun…..Martin is afraid to touch the keyboard…..Iggy set up Adrienne Barbeau as a guest so he has a chance to go backstage at Bruce Springsteen……Tim said when he listens to the Roll Home, Bernie and Randy break at 8 minutes after the top of the hour……. Martin doesn’t hang out with Elliot Davis……. Producer Joe is wearing a heavy sweater even though it is so hot……Tim thinks it’s hot when women flaunt being a cougar because they are after what dudes are after…..Martin broke out a Kip Wells impersonation…….The middle fingers are flying in from the studio……