Thursday’s Show Synopsis….

Ben Boyd, Thu, 10 Jul 2008 15:27:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis


Tim is surprised to see Martin sitting in for the Cat today, and Martin said he will play the Cat’s role….Producer Joe explains that he usually does edit the Morning After Rewind but they were having major computer problems this morning.

anna kournikova has settled down a lot and got rid of the diva attitude according to a sports illustrated article…..she is going to have her press conference at lumiere place casino next week…..

The guys talk about hosting auctions and not knowing how to do it, but it all depends on the audience…..Martin hosted one before and it was going so poorly that Ed Goodman walked up and took over for him…….Martin was asked to help host Mike Shannon’s auction at the race track before because Mike will be doing it and then walk away and no one knows where he went……Martin said that Mike would even make up things to auction off like a fishing trip with him and Red and Stan…….Doug said he went to the CBC auction before and never felt so poor in his life……

The Mississippi River is now back open for recreational boating…..The guys wonder how deep the river is and what you could find in there…..Doug said one time a guy called Channel 4 and said that he thought he caught the largest catfish ever so Doug had a camera guy go with him to see the fish which filled the man’s bathtub…..

Martin said that Iggy is on his game with the morning show in terms of dropping soundbytes……By the time the Foxhole show comes on, the guys will say something about Rich Gould, and Iggy will say in their ear 2 minutes later to mention Gould again so he can play a sound byte…..

Tim said it’s over for at least 1/3 of the trifecta because Mark Mulder is done……It’s amazing that the Cards could’ve won the game last night after their starting pitcher only got one out……Doug said the main problem is that they can’t hit or score runs…..


Jimmy “Cat” Hayes:
jim introduced his wife to tony larussa this morning at breakfast, and he said she looked like his daughter…….tony was eating with a buddy of his—probably someone who saved a stray cat……cat said the worst thing about mulder is that there is no definitive word on him. he doesn’t think the situation is close to being resolved and if it is, it looks pretty bad……tony would say it’s too fresh to make a decision, but cat said that if they find any problems when they examine him he may retire……the cards said they weren’t expecting the best, but they were hoping for 80 pitches from him last night….cat wasn’t expecting very much because of his high era in his two relief appearances….as of last night, tony didn’t know what the next step would be for mulder, and cat thinks that he should’ve said that dr. paletta is on his way to look at him……cat was looking for the south philly guidos (with wife beaters on and a gold chain with a chain on their wallet connected to their pants) in the pre-game piece but he guesses he was standing at the high-end entrance.

Tony LaRussa said he wants the team to make a move now to win now, but John Mozeliak said he is happy where they are at this point because Wainwright and Carpenter will come back……Doug said when you have a clear chance to win the division you have to do whatever you can to do it……The prospects will keep coming and if you can get a proven talent for someone who you really don’t know how they will play in the majors you have to do it…….The guys aren’t sure if just one more player could make or break the team so they wouldn’t do anything stupid.

If the Cardinals get a bat in the outfield who are they going to sit to play him?…..It would be better if the team could get Dan Uggla so there is no conflict with any other players on the team in terms of getting at bats……The Cardinals haven’t been overwhelmingly burned on trade deadline deals……


Tim said that the Cardinals need to trade for someone this year and go for it because you never know if Pujols is going to get hurt. Doug isn’t worried about Pujols getting hurt because he plays at first base and isn’t crashing into walls or turning double plays with guys sliding into him……

The Cardinals will have flexibility to spend on players for next year……..According to Producer Joe’s research, the Cardinals will be unloading $41.6 million off the payroll next year if they don’t bring a number of guys back including: Mulder, Jason Isringhausen, Juan Encarnacion, Cesar Izturis, Braden Looper, Kyle Lohse……

Producer Joe loved his trip to Las Vegas and had a wonderful time…..Tim explains how they met up with Andy Dick to Martin….When they took a picture Andy put his arm around Tim and started playing with his right nipple…..

Steve Kline:
steve is having a baby tomorrow. he has 2 kids already, and he is trying to beat matheny at something…..when the kid is born, he will already be taller than mckernan…..steve wants his kid to be an ultimate fighter/doctor…..doug was watching ultimate fighting last night and a guy was stomping on another guys’ toes…..steve said that he hasn’t watched a game since he retired, and he has no idea who is on the all-star team or anything….. steve said that when you have surgery you should take a whole year off, and he doesn’t get why doctors have you rehab as quick as they do nowadays……lee mazzilli used to smoke darts in the clubhouse during the game. steve said they would be up to bat with someone on second and lee would disappear to go smoke……steve said he is going to come to st. louis and talk to john mozeliak about coaching in august…..steve is “taking classes on line or something” because he needs a degree to be able to coach……kline said that if you have a chance for the playoffs, he would get barry bonds on the roster because he could really get on base a lot with his walks……steve was answering a question when his daughter fell down and cried on the phone. steve told mckernan not to have kids……kline asked the guys who edmonds was playing for, and was very surprised when the guys said he was a cub……kline said that larussa was just trying to play mind tricks in his spat with edmonds…..jimmy was great because you could get him to go bitch about stuff. he would whine and complain for the team….kline said that the cubs can’t win the world series…..people don’t know about the cards/cubs rivalry because people don’t shoot each other after games……steve wants to coach because these kids nowadays are coming up as sissies…..

Leftover Riff Raff:
Martin is familiar with the Communards phenomenon……Tony LaRussa walks his cats according to Elaine Boozler……Doug is a realist……The Cat doesn’t think Martin understands comedy…..Tim would like to play the Communards 50% of the time coming back from break….The Cardinals should give Colby Rasmus to Kyle Lohse to get him to stay here……Doug is old enough that his prostate should’ve been removed already…..Speech Impediment Matt called in to introduce himself to Doug…..If you have a fohawk, it screams that you are a gentleman’s gentleman…….Andy Dick’s voicemail says “you have reached the voicemail of ‘in the butt,’ please leave a message…….Kline is not a big Mazzili fan……Doug writes down the emailers so he can vote for the right person during email of the day