Thursday’s Show Synopsis…..

Ben Boyd, Thu, 03 Jul 2008 16:59:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis


Jay Jr. is filling in for Tim today because he is in Vegas with Producer Joe getting ready to play in the World Series of Poker.

joe buck said that he’d rather what the bachelor instead of a baseball game. doug said as you get older, watching games becomes less important. jay said he’d rather have joe saying that than have someone lying about it.

Cat said he hopes Mark Mulder makes it back, but he looks at him as still an experiment. Cat didn’t have high expectations for when he came in last night, and the Cardinals should have a different left-hander to come in besides Mulder and Ron Villone……. Doug doesn’t think you can bring him in during a tight game when you are in the middle of the pennant race…..Jay Jr. said he doesn’t know why Tony would experiment in the game last night, and they have to get another left-hander in the bullpen.

Friday “Holiday” Exit Poll:

1. You can only keep one—Ankiel or Ludwick? Cat: Ankiel; Jay Jr: Ankiel; Doug: Ankiel

2. One player you would like to see the Cardinals trade for? Cat: Griffey; Jay Jr: the closer from Kansas City—Soria; Doug: Fuentes from Colorado

3. Joe Buck’s comments a big deal? Cat: no; Jay: no; Doug: no

4. Favorite late night talk show host? Cat: Conan O’Brian; Jay: Kimmel; Doug: Letterman

5. Non-fatal fireworks tragedies—hilarious or tragic? Cat: hilarious; Jay: hilarious; Doug: tragic

6. Renee Zellweger—would ya? Cat: no; Jay: no; Doug: no

7. The most annoying commercial on tv? Cat: the late night commercial with Jay: Mike Bush news promo on Channel 5; Doug: Doug sings “Gringo Jones and Me, Gringo Jones and Me”


The guys couldn’t get a hold of Brett Wallace so they took a bunch of calls this hour for the Exit Poll.

Doug is thinking if he had a sit down shower he would be a lot safer.

Half way through the hour the guys change the Joe Buck question to what is your favorite fast food fry.

the guys had some cup cakery cupcakes and jay jr. was amazed by them. jay wanted a shot glass of the icing.

Doug didn’t know that the Exit Poll was sponsored even though Cat has mentioned Window World a bunch of times.

A caller said he has been advocating that if the pitchers are playing well, let Duncan’s kid play.


More people want to participate in the “best” exit poll ever.

Aaron Miles:
aaron said he is feeling good at the plate, and he is getting lucky with his hits finding holes…..miles said that the team is doing so well because of the pitching and defense, but also because the guys are showing up to play everyday with a chip on their shoulder……he said it’s so much easier to get into a groove when you are playing everyday… a bench player you have to approach hitting differently because you may only get up to bat every 3 days…….when miles was in the minors, he was robbed by two gunmen in his motel. five of his teammates were hog tied in the other room. they were going to take him with them as a hostage till they walked out the door and the first gunman jumped off the 2nd story balcony and the other one pulled him back into the room and had a gun to his head. miles said the gunman kept saying he wasn’t going back to jail so aaron decided to try to wrestle the gun away from him. they were on the ground both holding the gun so miles yelled for the police to come in and they broke the window, came in, and shot the gunman 6 times. bullets flew right past miles’ shoulder…..doug asked if aaron is ever effected by the incident, but for aaron it was more of a victory, and he doesn’t let it effect him  negatively……..he said you have to look at how consistent our pitching and defense has been. it’s already a long season, and at the halfway point, this team has shown that it can handle adversity. the team has shown that they forget what happened the day before and go out there and play hard every game, and if they keep doing that they will be fine the rest of the way.

Exit Poll Results:

1. 12-7 Ankiel
2. 4 votes for Fuentes
3. 10 votes that no big deal Joe said that. McDonald’s won
4. Conan 6 votes
5. 17 votes for hilarious and 2 votes for tragic
6. 11 votes for yes and 8 for no on Renee
7. 4 votes for 6 Flags

Leftover Riff Raff:
The Cards will try to jump over the Mets tonight like Robbie Knievel will try to jump over 25 Dodge trucks at Six Flags today…….Ankiel might be able to escape the aliens who are trying to take one of the outfielders…….The guys don’t like the film of grease on Renee Zellweger……Jay thinks Mike Bush has enough power at Channel 5 to stop his promo……Doug doesn’t know how to ask a question…..Doug had a mini stroke…..A Friday exit poll on a Thursday is like Christmas come early……