Thursday’s Show Synopsis……….

Ben Boyd, Thu, 29 May 2008 15:58:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis

By Austin Voelker

Hour 1

there is some confusion at the start of the show as the guys confuse nick lachey for rebel boyfriend of mallory keaton from family ties, nick moore. tim reveals the debut of a weekly beverage cart girl of segment. the cat wants to end racism and stop using the term white trash.

Doug tells of his capture of a couple of raccoons at his house last night. The reason The Cat is grumpy is because he is going on 3 hours of sleep. He still continues his crusade against racism. The Cat is upset that Doug did not set baby giraffe traps, and suggested that giraffes are suckers for Funyuns. Then The Vaughn adds that he has no idea what Funyuns are. Beverage Cart Girl of the Week Ashley joins the radio program. Apparently she is into old people because her love for Doug Vaughn is exposed.

Hour 2

The guys discuss the possibility of Doug’s infidelity as he is certain that the crush the beverage cart girl has on him is a sham. Cardinals talk ensues as the boys talk of the future of the club and Chris Duncan.

big irish, mike shannon joins the show to talk some more baseball. they talked cardinals, the closer situation, instant replay, and stan the man.

Cougar Hunter Jake called in to discuss the new Cougar of The Week promotion on and his hunts. This conversation sparks a segment devoted to Cougar talk, but Rudy calls in to put his one cent in, and it turns to Rudy talk.

Hour 3

the guys discuss their skills on nintendo wii, and doug is informed that nintendo does in fact make the wii. the cat says he is into real bowling. then iggy comes on to talk about the bowling show he used to work on. iggy also tells of his pba tour days and the groupies that followed.

Nick Richie of joined the show after some technical difficulty to discuss the latest affair Kobe Bryant is accused of. He gives the dirt on the whole situation and defends Kobe from his bitch of a wife Vanessa. Much more dirt was unloaded throughout the interview, and that led into email of the day.

The Left Over Riff Raff

You should say Human Garbage instead of White Trash according to The Cat…..
Doug may be losing 60% of his assets due to a possible divorce…….
At this exact moment, Doug is still wondering if the Beverage Cart Girl really does like him, or if it is all a cruel joke……