Thursday’s Show Synopsis.

Ben Boyd, Thu, 31 Jul 2008 16:16:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis

cat said that the guys on the message board used to love tim, but tim denies it. cat hit all 4 of the quad cities last night—1, 3, 6, and 3…….one of the cities was built on top of another …… it’s a cute little stadium up there. the have a little corn patch if foul territory and when they introduce the players the run out of the corn… guy refused to run out of the corn, and he ran out of the dugout…..driving back, cat was upset to find out that the cardinals network has holes in it…..doug said that cat is an angry little guy after his trip……cat said you have to have a bandit dog—-a hot dog wrapped in bacon with cheese and chili on top…….brett wallace seems to be enjoying himself……he doesn’t look like any other third baseman cat has ever seen…..pete kozma started the game by booting 2 balls…..the guys try to figure out what river is right there by quad cities……

Doug thinks the Cardinals are not going to trade a potential starting position player or starter for a situational lefty reliever….Bernie wrote that Bill DeWitt and Jeff Luhnow are protecting the young Cardinals to make sure they survive in the wild and eventually come up here and strive….. Tim said that right now, Tony LaRussa should be manager of the year or at least in the top 3 because he has the team tied for the wild card lead even with all the injuries in this “rebuilding” year…..Tony has done a great job, and is asking for a little assistance, and if the team doesn’t get him a reliever, people will be upset……You have to go back to the Scott Rolen deal for the last major trade deadline deal……Tim said if you have a team that has overachieved this much you need to do something now to help…..Doug and Cat think the type of pitcher the Cardinals are looking for can be found off a scrap heap. Ron Villone has been their best lefty reliever this year, and he was a bum when they got him…….Tim said every year, the Cards say they aren’t doing anything in the off season so they can do something at the deadline, and vice versa.

Ken Griffey Jr., has been traded to the Chicago White Sox pending Griffey’s approval of the trade…..The guys want to trade Nick Stavinoha, Chris Duncan, Adam Kennedy, and Rico Washington to Boston for Manny…..Doug wonders how many left-handers have really killed the Cardinals, and he wonders if the team really needs a left-handed reliever. Kyle McClellan has been great against lefties……Doug said in this era when all starting pitchers seem to get hurt, the Cards can’t give away any of their prospects who are projected to be starters because they need them.

The guys who run the Cardinals are not ignorant, and if they could get someone without giving up too much, they will do it…..The guys want a giant turkey drumstick, and they speculate that maybe that is what John Mozeliak is holding out for because he really wants a turkey drumstick….. If the Cardinals had a reliable closer this year they would be in first place by far……

Rick Hummel:
rick said that he thinks cardinals fans will be disappointed at 3pm because the team won’t do much before the trade deadline…….cat said that he would do anything they can to keep adam wainwright as a starter…….rick said the rockies can do another move by aug 31 to move fuentes if they fall out of the race…..the tigers are kind of on the fence so a renteria deal is possible……they traded pudge rodriguez because they needed the bullpen depth……chris perez will get a shot to close next year because not too many guys throw as hard as he does. rick thinks he will be a september call up if not sooner if he pitches well…..bernie wrote that the cardinals over value their own prospects, and rick said that is probably true especially if no move is made……jess todd wasn’t highly regarded in the beginning of the year, but has a lot of wins…..jaime garcia is valued higher than todd…..

There is a report that Green Bay has offered to give Brett Favre $20 million to stay retired…..They haven’t been able to find anyone to trade him to, and they don’t want to trade him to the Vikings or Bears…..Cat said he can’t imagine the Packers not bringing Brett in to compete for the job and saving the $20 million……Tim thinks the move is to bring Brett back and trade Aaron Rodgers……Tim compared Favre wearing a Vikings uniform to Stan Musial wearing a Cubs uniform…..

iggy said he could probably work it so the whole show could go to hedo……everyone wears clothes at dinner, and cat has been guaranteed that he doesn’t have to see iggy naked…..the average age of women at hedo is late 30s to early 40s……iggy said that last time the station went down there a group of girls went there from toronto because they saw online that a radio station was going……

The guys ask for calls from people who would be interested in going to Hedonism if The Morning After plans a trip, and no one calls at first so they claim any women who call in can win a free trip, and a bunch of women start calling…..Cat will have to fight guys if they hit on his wife at Hedo…..

Caller Glenn called in and said that Hedo is the biggest joke in Jamaica, which ticked Iggy off, and Iggy called him an idiot and a loser……Glenn said that he’s never seen worse looking people in his life, and the rooms are horrible……

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug is a future “Hot” Hall of Famer……When Howard was negotiating with Tim to write for, he was also talking to Cat and Doug about writing for …….Greta Van Susteren’s mouth doesn’t mouth right…….If you live in a flood plain you should keep some water wings in a fanny pack incase of emergency……There was a guy on hold so he could listen to the show……Cat is worried that if he were in Jamaica a large naked man would reach across him to get some chickpeas at the salad bar….. Swingers are now called life stylists……Tim thinks everyone’s wives would be on board for a trip to Hedo.