Thursday’s Show Synopsis..

Ben Boyd, Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:08:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis

Jay Jr. fills in for Doug again, and the guys will have Rick Hummel, Steve Kline, and Jeff Suppan on today.

jeff is excited to come on the show because last time he got 300 hits on his website….at 7:04, there were 31,372 hits on suppan’s website. tim challenges the listeners to go to to increase the hits over 32,000…….tim was on a milwaukee radio show last night, and he was playing poker and watching porn as he did the interview. his wife went to white castles for him while he did the interview..….

Cat was a little miffed last night at CC Sabathia because he didn’t want to do the FSN post game with him……CC told him 2 questions and Cat agreed. Sabathia walked away after 2 questions, and Cat yelled at him, “Hey CC, 2 questions! Remember this face, because this is the last honest reporter you will meet.”……..

Apparently Jim Edmonds sent Al Hrabosky more texts right before the Cubs game was going to start……When Cat said something to Al about it on the air, Jim sent Cat a text with LOL in it…..The guys don’t think Zambrano uses LOL in texts……Edmonds is a 12 year-old in a multi-millionaire’s body…..Why does Edmonds want to sell his house to buy a farm? He doesn’t know how to do anything on a farm…….

The Cat bought a shirt from Suppan’s website, and Jeff didn’t thank him…….Cat thought of Tim doing Joey Lawrence’s Whoa as he was watching CC carve up the Cardinals……

Calvin actually started the post-game press conference with a real question last night. He asked Tony about Looper’s performance……Cat didn’t want to ask anything when he came into the press conference incase it had already been asked (because Cat had to wait for CC after the game and missed some of the press conference) so he waited till afterwards……..

Cat is done asking for a Reactor Watch…..”Buzzy” won’t give Cat one even though the Cat’s Pajamas is sponsored by Reactor…….

Cat wondered if Joe gets paid per guest because they have Steve Kline an again……Cat doesn’t know why they need to have him on again…..

31,690 hits at this point for Suppan’s website; 318 hits since the show started……The guys say that Cards fans are the best in baseball trying to get them to go to the site…..

Rick Hummel:
the cards are 3 behind the cubs now and 2 behind milwaukee so it would be nice to get the win tonight before their road trip……with pedro’s father passing away, the cards won’t have to face him, and lohse will go against santana so they have pretty good shots against the mets. you never know which braves team will show up…..the cubs going 2-4 against houston and arizona make things easier to swallow, but the cards have allowed the brewers to jump ahead of them which is discouraging…… ben sheets usually struggles against the cards so that is good news, but the cards offense has been struggling so they need to pick it up…..rick said the biggest impact would be a bat, but there aren’t any available…..july 31 isn’t the end all trade deadline because guys will pass through waivers and can be traded then……colorado has bats, but they are back in it now…….the bullpen has had to figure in too many decisions where there are slim leads that the offense couldn’t expand on…..rick thinks other teams have interest in jason isringhausen, but he doesn’t think they would want him as a closer. he thinks that it’s best for the cards to keep him here and hope something clicks and he can be the closer again……rick said no matter what the cardinals do, he thinks they will contend, but he thinks they need 1 or 2 more pitchers. chris carpenter and adam wainwright will be two guys that they probably couldn’t acquire all season…..the cardinals probably won’t be able to get lohse back if they don’t do something soon because he will command a lot in the free agent market……the cards will have a lot of money freed up next year because of the guys coming off the roster…..brendan ryan hasn’t been hitting well enough to take over next year as shortstop……

Cat thinks the biggest need is in the bullpen because if they get a bat, it will just replace a bat in the lineup already…..Tim said that a big question is how effective Carpenter and Wainwright will be when they come back.

31,790 is the current total for hits on Suppan’s website……418 people since the start of the program…..Dave Greene challenged all publishes to have at least 20 clicks…..

Jeff Suppan:
the guys had trouble reaching jeff during the break, and tim was going to go over to the westin and give him a piece of his mind…..when the show started, there were 31,372 clicks on jeff’s website, and as of jeff coming on there were 32,140, nearly 800 new clicks….jeff thinks it is great that the guys helped him before with grant’s farm directions and now with the website……cat bought 3 t-shirts from his website and jeff never thanked him—-then cat got a text during the interview thanking him so it was all good……suppan is hoping that the a-b sale won’t effect grant’s farm because it is one of his favorite places…..jeff said that watching cc and sheets pitch is pretty incredible ……he said that he thinks they learned a lot from last year, and now the confidence level is up more throughout the team….they are trying to play more consistent….jeff loves coming back, and st. louis is one of the few cities where he will rent a car and cruise around, maybe stop by ted drewes…..jeff said that he is going to f15teen for lunch, and tim gave him some suggestions on what to eat…..jeff keeps sending cat texts so he can read them on the air—“thank you for lunch”……cat asked if jeff still prank called people, and jeff said he hasn’t since he was 9 years-old……when the other 9 year-olds would ask him if they were on the radio, he would say no, i am the unknown dj…… there are now 32,190 hits on his website…..more than 1/30th of the hits on his website came from this morning… wants to go to the west coast and go to soup’s grill and say “my bill is on jim edmonds”………jeff got disconnected, and called back saying they don’t need to hang up on him if they want to get rid of him…..jeff said his favorite ballpark is the new busch stadium, and tim said he is very disappointed in the cards’ stadium…. jeff did a macho man randy savage impersonation….

Leftover Riff Raff:
It’s manager, not coach, and it’s LaRussa not LaRusso…….Tim had the Tempura shrimp at F15TEEN 2 days in a row for lunch……”It wasn’t needed for me to go out,” Producer Joe said about not saying something on the air…..Would you want to be in a band called Boy Zone…..Producer Joe wouldn’t come on the show because they were late for break…..Suppan will be tickled pink because of how many people have gone to his site……..Cat had a report that Suppan and CC were riding a roller coaster together yesterday at Six Flags……Cat gets his information from……