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Producer Joe, Thu, 13 Aug 2009 12:18:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–I Know We Are Both Dudes, The Cat and His Sleeping Struggles, Doug Was Not There for the Postgame Last Night, the Girls Like the Vodka and Cranberry, Pepsi Products Are Not As Expensive, Matt Holliday Is a Good American, The Cat’s Embrace with Rolen, the Charitable Scott Rolen, Joe Lube, and Where Would the Athletica Parade Be When They Win the Championship—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 2–Hope Solo Joins the Show In Studio to Talk About 150 Proof Bourbon, Tim Wants Hope To Do Him a Favor, Hope Says That She Will Be a Judge In the Bikini Contest This Weekend, Allegations of Producer Joe and Hope, YouTube Videos, Making the All-Star Team and Being in the Playoffs, T-Shirt Guns, and Mike Lee Wants to Creep on Hope Solo—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 3–Tiger Has to Be the Favorite This Weekend at the PGA and Doug Is Still Arguing About Goalkeepers Drop Kicking Punts Around the World Yet Hope Pleaded with Him That It Is True—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 4– John Maginnes of the PGA Tour Network Joins the Show to Talk About the PGA Championship and a Beautiful Morning, Is Tiger THE Guy This Weekend, Its Hard Not to Root for Phil Mickelson This Weekend, Looking Forward to Seeing Some of the Young Guys Try and Live Up to Their Promise, John Daly Is Very Skinny Right Now, Daly Has Been Existing On Between 600-800 Calories Per Day, and Playing on the Longest Course in Major History; Plus Is Doug Vaughn an Alien in Life Form, and the Cards Take 2 of 3 From the Reds—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 5–What the Hell Is Rush Rush About, Ryan Seacrest Is Making Like $100 Million a Year With All His Crap, Doug Is Amazed By Jay Leno’s Schedule, Letterman Has Taken the Lead in Late Night Programming, Baffled By Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly, and The Cat Has Taken a Class in College about Comedy—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 6–Is Love Really a Battlefield, Doug Still Has A Hard Time Saying No to Door to Door Salesmen, Tim Wanted to Kill a Guy That Came to His Door, Doug Has Had Good Luck with AT&T UVerse, Bernie Miklasz Writes a Column About How Good This Years Cardinal Rotation Is in Relation to the 1985 Cardinals Rotation, DeRosa and Feeling Pain, and Looking at the 2001 Rotation—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 7–There Is a Thread on the Message Board About Getting Hit On at Work, Singing Songs About Being a Homosexual, You Can Have a Good Wide Base Without Tapping Your Toes, Tim Uses a Hand Puppet Under the Stall of a Bathroom, There Were Areas of the Library at Mizzou Where People Would Hook Up for Gay Sex, Aisle or Window Seat Guy, and Who Would Borrow Someone’s Reading Material on a Flight—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 8–The Ticket Guys Email of the Day—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN