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Producer Joe, Thu, 25 Jun 2009 12:44:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–The Cat Wants Tim to Shut Up and Quit Acting Like a Girl, Doug Has Already Lost Some of His Pens, Tim Feels Like He May Have Already Started the Process of Mailing It In Before He Goes to Vegas, Producer Joe Is Only Talking with The Cat Through Tim, and the Athletica Drop a Tough Game Last Night at Soccer Park, Plus Tim Wonders If He Could Carry Billy Simpkins’ Child—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 2–No Need to Go Into Sexual Details Especially in Emails to Your Lover In Argentina, Top 10 News Stories in the World Right Now According to, Good Thing Jon and Kate Are Leading the Way, Doug Wonders How Often Someone Would Stumble Upon TLC, the Problems with Hair Transplants, Doug Looks Like Perfection, Propecia Sounds Like a Disease, and Tim Started Losing His Hair at a Very Young Age, Plus Andy Murray Joins the Show From Canada On the Night of the NHL Draft, Andy Is On the Outside of the Trade Talks Much Like the Media, What Is He Hearing About the Draft Crop This Year, and How Do You Scout the Talent of a 17 Year Old Kid That Hasn’t Fully Matured—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 3–Got Doug On My Mind, Could You Imagine Coming Into St. Louis for the First Time to See the New Ballpark and Seeing a Bunch of Hoosiers In Cut Off Jean Shorts Playing Softball, Doug Cheers For Bad Things to Happen, Do You Have A Catch or Play Catch, Living Right Gives You Better Things, It Is Hard For Men to Hit Fast Pitch Softball Pitching, When Was the Last Time You Saw a Huge Old Person, and Staying Fit For Your Son—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 4–The Cat Likes a Nice Pinot From Time to Time, Does Tim Sniff the Cork, Artie Lange Joins Michael Irvin’s Radio Show Yesterday to Talk About His Time on Joe Buck’s Show, Artie Said that Joe Came to Him Before the Show to Tell Him to Let Him Have It, Artie Once Again Says that Ross Greenberg Also Came to Him Prior to Appearing on the Show, and Tim Has Been Texting With Joe Buck Since the Show Last Week—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 5–Brett Favre Is House Hunting In Minnesota, Why Would He Move There for Only a Couple of Months, Rodney Harrison Is Tired Of All the Brett Favre Crap in the Offseason, Lot of Talent In Minnesota Makes Favre’s Job a Lot Easier, and Is Bulger Better Than Favre Right Now—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 6–Scott Spiezio Joins the Show From Sunny California to Talk About Vacationing with the Family, There Was a Shooting in the Parking Lot of the Angels Game Last Night, What Is His Favorite Roller Coaster Right Now, How Is He Doing Right Now with His Substance Abuse Issues of the Past, Life Is a Battle Everyday, Are There Parallels Between Baseball and Real Life, Is He Thinking of Trying to Play Again, Can’t Watch All the Games Because That Is Hard For Him, and Players Around the League that Amaze Him—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN






SEGMENT 7–The Ticket Guys Email of the Day—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN