Thursday Show Synopsis

Ben Boyd, Thu, 07 Aug 2008 18:11:00 GMT

Thursday Show Synopsis

Tim is on 3 hours of sleep because of the poker tournament, and he almost dropped a f bomb in the first couple minutes…. The show is going to be Todd Wellemeyer’s wake up call……If Chris Perez can handle closing games, then Adam Wainwright can be a starter, but he has agreed to a rehab that is tailor made for a reliever……Izzy needs some outings where they can have some success possibly mop up duty……Perez was dynamite last night, and it looked easy for him…..He said when he was sent down to AAA, they didn’t use him in the closer role at first so he could work on his slider…..Doug said even if Perez continues to pitch well, he would still like to see Wainwright in the bullpen……

albert pujols didn’t feel like doing the fsn post-game interview so cat told him they usually leave him alone but when he hits a grand slam they would like to get him on…..
So Pujols felt bad, but he was surly with the media after the game….Someone asked him about hi stats, and he said “I don’t care, that’s for you geniuses to talk about”…..

Ryan Ludwick has 29 home runs, and you would like to think he could get to 40…..He is also hitting .300 and he leads the majors in slugging percentage….Cat doesn’t know why people previously said he wasn’t a major leaguer…….

Cat’s favorite thing about last night was that the team picks up Fillipe Lopez, he gets there around noon, and he thought he would have a couple days before he played but Tony played him right away and in left field instead of shortstop……

The poker tournament went well last night, and Tim thinks he will be able to cut a check for $4000 for charity…..News 4 was there last night….Everyone at poker pro Dennis Phillips’ table said he was just a great guy……Tony Russo won the event….

Brett Favre was traded to the Jets last night, and it looks like the draft pick that the Packers get back will be performance based……The guys speculate that Brett wanted to go to New Jersey because of the opportunities to go ice fishing…..Doug said that the Rams play at the Jets this year, but he doesn’t know if he will be covering the game because he doesn’t know if Channel 4 will be sending anyone…..Iggy said for him to just grab a backpack and jump on a plane…..

the guys try to figure out why producer joe is so mad today, but it ends up he isn’t mad at all and he will have a great day but the guys won’t talk about what he is going to do…. there are always a ton of people on the riverfront on weekends…..the guys wonder if there are any sharks in the river…..a caller said that a bull shark can survive in salt water and fresh water and one was actually found in the mississippi river north of st. louis that had worked its way up from louisiana….iggy claims that bull sharks are harmless, and he said that they used to catch them in bermuda and eat them…..they have barracudas in the water at hedo…..another caller said that a bull shark is one of the top 3 man eating sharks, and they will eat just about anything…..they like to swim in shallow water….one attacked a race horse in australia…..the guys report that big brown was attacked by a shark and that is why he didn’t win the belmont…..

Chris Perez got his first save last night in the big leagues……If he can take the ball and run, then keep running……If Perez can be the guy and Wainwright comes back healthy he would really compliment the rotation, but the way the schedule is set up, the Cards could really go with just 4 starters……Wainwright will begin his rehab a day earlier than originally thought, and he will be throwing a reliever rehab…….Cat said if Perez nails down the closer spot, Wainwright should be a starter, but Doug said he would put both of them in the bullpen.

Steve Lyons:
dodgers broadcaster steve lyons said he was bitten by a shark last night……the transition to la for manny has gone well with how he is hitting, but they need to start winning games….steve thinks the guys on the team are feeling more pressure to do things because of manny…..steve is surprised at how great the cardinals have played because of what the team has to put on the field, but tony has been doing a great job managing and working the match-ups……steve said he thinks it will come down to if troy glaus can do anything the rest of the way…..ryan ludwick is an mvp candidate……..andruw jones is playing horribly all year, and steve said he has never seen a more talented guy struggle for so long…..he is out in front of every pitch because he is looking for a fastball every time, but then he misses the fastballs when they pitch him one……jones did put on some weight this offseason, but steve thinks he is in shape…..the cardinals’ 27 blown saves are the reason they are in third place instead of first…..steve thinks that every time izzy blows a save, he thinks the other players probably wonder why izzy can’t turn it around instead of why does larussa keep sending him out there……

Todd Wellemeyer:
Todd didn’t answer when Joe called so Cat took his headphones off and tried to call him because his reputation was on the line……They talked about how Brent Stover was mad because Todd called him “Ben” in an interview……Todd bought the family style trivia pursuit on ebay for $5, and he has been beating everyone like Joel Pineiro and Adam Wainwright pretty easily…..Brendan Ryan finally got a place to stay and he finally got furniture and then he got sent down to Memphis….Maybe he sublet it to Philipe Lopez……Todd said his command is better because he got some new pants that are bigger…..If he had bigger pants a month ago, he would be in consideration for the Cy Young award…….Izzy is awesome at playing Golden Tee with never practicing, and Ryan Ludwick is having an MVP year on the field and on Golden Tee……..He wanted to come on the show because everyday Todd talks to Kyle Lohse, he acts like he was on the show and Todd was jealous.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug’s face is his credential, and he pretends like he is the sports director……Joe and Iggy may have left the room to make out in the first segment….. Cat gets to interview Billy Bob Thornton today on the pre-game show…..Doug said maybe she will adopt him…..Gilbert Arenas is the reason Cat’s fantasy NBA team sucked….Todd Wellemeyer is a colonel……..Colonel is spelled wrong and so is Favre…….There are ticked off dork sharks posting videos on YouTube……Dork sharks wear a bead necklace and you can mess with them…..Cat worked in the word on the pre game show that the guys in the truck gave him last night—caterpillar…..Producer Joe has a lot of anger today even though he is pretending he doesn’t…..Dead Heads “smoked the drugs” …….