#ThrowbackThursday: The Morning After Mentions WWE’s Mickie James’ Nude Photos to Her, Things Get Awkward

Brendan Marks, Thu, 13 Nov 2014 22:50:00 GMT

we here at insidestl.com love listening to classic moments on the ryan kelley morning after. and every week, “throwback thursday” gives us an excuse to do just that.

With WWE Pay-Per-View Survivor Series set to lay the smackdown on St. Louis next week, we wanted to take a look back at one of the more famous moments in show history.

Back in 2008, former WWE Diva Mickie James visited the National Republican Convention to talk about WWE’s “SmackDown Your Vote” initiative.

On September 4 of that year, she joined The Morning After to talk about the initiative and her new show. For a while, the interview stayed pretty basic.

But then Tim, Jim and Doug mentioned looking her up on the Internet for research and discovering some nude – and dirty – photos she did in the past for Legshow Magazine.

As you can imagine, the interview quickly gets awkward and James finds herself stumbling for words. The conversation doesn’t last too long after that.

The whole thing is very uncomfortable but made for radio gold. Lucky for us, one of our listeners found a transcription of the very awkward conversation, which you can read here.

And lucky for you, we archived the audio of the interview, which begans at about the 15-minute mark. Listen to the whole thing below:

The Morning After Discovers Mickie James’ Nude Photos