The Zydeco Blues Friday Exit Poll: Desserts, Cheese and Calvin May

Brendan Marks, Fri, 29 May 2015 14:43:00 GMT

every friday, we select listener-submitted questions to ask the hosts of the ryan kelley morning after. this tradition is known as the zydeco blues friday exit poll. you can listen to the latest edition here, or read the typed-out answers below.

The Exit Poll on The Morning After

Does Bryce Harper slow down his rampant pace? Projections have the 22 year-old finishing the season with 62 home runs, 148 RBIs & .331 batting average.

Cat: Do not think he will hit 60 home runs; injuries crop up.

Charlie: I think he hits 45 home runs

No way he gets to 60 home runs

There are six teams that have not reached the 20-win mark (A’s, Phillies, Marlins, Reds, Brewers & Rockies) at this point. Who do you think is the worst team in baseball?

Cat: Phillies

Charlie: Phillies

Doug: Brewers

Does Mark Reynolds, who has 3 home runs, get to 20 HRs for the eighth straight season with 115 game remaining?

Cat: Yes

Charlie: No…guessing he will get to 17-18 HRs

Doug: No…hits 15-18 HRs

What is your favorite Calvin May question? Maybe something besides the classic question from last year’s NLCS…

Cat: Fire in the dugout

Charlie: Asking about Jim Leyland after playoff loss

Doug: He agrees with the others

What sports figure would you like to punch in the face? One free shot with no repercussions.

Cat: Does not want to answer, but goes into personal experience

Charlie: Ray McDonald

Doug: Lover, not a fighter

Cake or pie? Why?

Cat: Cake…the frosting with a cold glass of milk

Charlie: Cake…cake is almost always good

Doug: Pie…loves that cherry pie plus lemon meringue

Lydia Moss Bradley, would ya?

Cat: No answer

Charlie: Look at her statue…

Doug: Oh for heaven’s sake…

What is your Mt. Rushmore of cheeses?

Cat: Sharp cheddar, white American, Old English cheese spread, pepper jack

Charlie: Colby jack, mozzerella, cheddar, swiss

Doug: Munster, gouda, limburger, Kraft singles