The Tim McKernan Show – Ep 3: Jack Danforth

Former 3-term U.S. Senator and former U.N. Ambassador John “Jack” Danforth joined Tim in our Kirkwood, MO studios in late September 2017 to discuss a variety of topics, including:  his decision to write an Op-Ed on Donald Trump in the Washington Post (9:30), how did we as a society get to this point of bombastic Trump era politics (19:30), his reaction to the St. Louis protests (29:00), on being considered as George W. Bush’s running mate in 2000 (44:00), his thoughts on the NFL protests (52:00), an up and coming politician in Missouri that he truly believes in (55:00), thoughts on Evangelicals supporting Trump (1:02:00), comparing the  modern tone to past U.S. Presidencies (1:09:00)

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