The Tim McKernan Show: Ep 2 – State of the Cardinals with Derrick Goold

Post-Dispatch Cardinals reporter Derrick Goold joined Tim in studio on Wed 10/4 to discuss a variety of topics:  the level of urgency the Cardinals feel this off-season (2:00), the decision to dismiss Derek Lilliquist (7:30), how data driven is Mike Matheny as a manager (13:30), why has the team become less compelling to fans (17:00), the franchise making business vs. baseball decisions (22:30), examining how the Cubs roster was constructed (27:30), why the Cardinals aren’t as attractive of a destination to players as in previous seasons (34:00), how the league has caught up to the Cardinals front office (39:00), possible bats the team could acquire (43:30), is Giancarlo Stanton realistically in play (49:30), how they’ll address the closer situation (56:30), is the team likely to sign a starting pitcher this off-season (1:07:30)

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