“The Morning After”: Seg. 3 – Timberfake in Studio

Show Open

Tim snapchats Timberfake dabbing with Chuck, Doug notices his new piercing, what kind of condition is Timberfake in at the moment, what is The Rock Clock app, didn’t he meet Toni Lee at the Ameristar parking lot, no Timberfake you can’t drink Fireball on air, Timberfake takes calls including the recipe for sexy coffee, Larry Nickel chimes in to discuss his feud with the #1 Playbaby, Timberfake is excited about going to the AVN’s with Tim, people call in to talk with #SexLouis, shoutouts from Timberfake for Fan Page users, why do so many guys want pictures with the John Stamos of St. Louis, how does he get these hot broads, where was Timberfake during his 4 year hiatus, it’s sex summer for the sex revolution.