The Morning After: Seg. 3: Rick Hummel & Email of the Day

Show Notes

A Free Dotem remix kicks things off in the Thies Farm 9 o’clock hour, Jay tells Doug that he needs to check out all the money humble brags currently being seen on the TMA Fan Page, Hall of Fame baseball reporter Rick Hummel checks into the show to discuss Kolten Wong’s demotion to Triple A and to share his Ali story again, is pitching in Arizona almost as bad as pitching in Coors Field, how lopsided was the D’Backs trade for Shelby Miller, are the Cubs the best MLB team in the regular season since the 2001 Mariners, nobody would’ve predicted the Cardinals power surge in combination with poor defense and pitching this season that’s for sure, the Cards own 25% of all the pinch hit HR’s in baseball this season, Charlie is still entertained by Chad on The Bachelorette, if there’s a physical confrontation on the show would ABC be liable, crime in Colorado has gone down since the legalization of marijuana, Audio Fun with Metallica doing the National Anthem, Charlie was a fan of David Ortiz dropping an “F” bomb during his infamous speech at Fenway, Doug loves Thies Farms, Email of the Day.