The Morning After: Seg. 3: Rick Ankiel, Email of the Day

Show Notes

Man this Ween Wednesday is sick kicking off the Thies Farm 9 O’clock Hour, former Cardinal turned Fox Sports Midwest guest analyst Rick Ankiel joins the presentation, discussing actors who were miscast in baseball movies, did Charlie Sheen take steroids for Major League? Robert Redford in The Natural was probably the best, Andy lives in a hard-scrabble part of town, who coached the Fighting Illini while Mr. Banker was a student, proposing potential WNBA franchise names, is it bad for a sport when one team dominates for a decade or more, Andy recalls what it was like growing up with only 1 phone in the household, when is the last time Charlie and Doug went for a beer, Chuck admits that he’s hooked on The Bachelorette again because of Chad, #FunWithAudio, Charlie calls RBI’s steaks, Email of the Day.