The Morning After: Seg. 3: Randomness, Email of the Day

Show Notes

Thies Farm is the official sponsor of our 9 o’clock hour and can help you grow throbbing vegetation, Jeremy Hazelbaker was involved in a brawl with the Memphis Redbirds last night, what is a zephyr, would you name your minor league baseball team after a fabric, looking for deep meaning in the song Summer Breeze, Derrick Goold calls in with a Zephyr explanation, will Wacha have a solid downward plane tonight, would Doug say Free Dotem just to save money at Trueman’s Place in Soulard, is diet soda healthy, at one point Doug was addicted to Diet Coke like it was heroin, what would Doug say to people when purchasing his diet sodas, Timmy the Tickler is on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, Doug doesn’t want vile friends, should we start a Go Fund Me to get Plowsy to Spain with said girl, they’re already going to San Francisco later this year, Tim had a little fit after dropping his plastic fork, “Phil” calls in with an idea for he and Tim to do a video, do we actually screen these callers, can the Brits have a do-over for Brexit, #AudioFun as England lost in a futbol match to Iceland, Brits have been taking 3 hour sex cruises to the Canary Islands, why isn’t America more competitive in soccer, Email of the Day.

Show Links:
– Brits have been taking 3 hour sex cruises to the Canary Islands
– #AudioFun: Former England Manager Steve McClaren freezes on air as England concede to Iceland
– #AudioFun: Iceland Play-by-Play Call of Second Goal Against England