“The Morning After”: Seg. 3 – Nitwittery at its Finest

Show Open

The Free Dotem remix starts off this segment proper, Chuck announces a cool promotion for Llywelyn’s Pub this summer, Jennings is getting some professional information about people who cheat at Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, Jennings vows to do more research on girls who cheat in this instance, where are the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in St. Louis, wouldn’t you like to have a family business that’s been around since 1885 like Thies Farms, the sponsor of our 9am hour, Charlie gives info on the printing business, Chuck saved his grandma’s singing voicemail from his birthday, Claire May is a gem, why do grandparents get up so early, Doug says he never stays up past midnight anymore, discussing the merits of hard-wood floors versus carpet, how often do Doug and Charlie steam their carpets.