The Morning After: Seg. 3: Michael Buffer on Ali, Email of the Day

Show Open

Michael Buffer joins the show to discuss the greatness of Muhammad Ali, Buffer reveals some very funny stories about Muhammad Ali, where do you put Muhammad Ali in the ranks of the all time greats in boxing? Buffer talks about the major differences between boxing and UFC and why UFC has become so popular, why does the heavyweight division drive boxing? How will people view Muhammad Ali 20 years from now? Charlie turns conversation into political talk while asking Buffer his views on Donald Trump, Buffer explains how he got into the boxing business and why he has had so much success, how did “Lets Get Ready to Rumble” come about and did Buffer know how popular it would become? Buffer gives credit to Ali for the phrase “Lets Get Ready to Rumble.” The boys give their thoughts on bunk beds and shopping for the right mattress, Charlie refuses to order pants online because the risk does not outweigh the reward, Charlie does not like the word turd and gives Cat grief for using the word on the radio, Charlie grills Doug for taking silly show jokes way to seriously. Email of the Day!