The Morning After: Seg. 3 – Kelly Chase on Blues’ Game 1 Victory; Email of the Day


A look at the updated Email of the Month standings, Doug shares old vacation stories, we receive a vile nipples related text from Mr. Tibbles, have we ever worn overalls, Mitch the Sex Kitten is sending more pictures of lesbianism at the Scottrade Center, how was Plowsy’s weekend at Billy G’s, who cut his hair, Doug considered going to the game as a fan with his son but the cost was too high, the listeners dispute the ticket prices Doug claims he saw, Blues analyst and friend of the show Kelly Chase joins courtesy of GFI Digital, the Free Dotem Open nearly ran out of beer, it seemed like there was enough for a 6-pack per person, Doug doesn’t like drinking a beer during the day, is Doug well-heeled or affluent, why do his sons always call Doug “father”, Email of the Day.