The Morning After: Seg. 3 – Kelly Chase on Blues, Exit Poll, COTW, Email of the Day

St. Louis Blues radio play-by-play man Chris Kerber (L) is presented the Missouri Athletic Club's Burnes-Broeg Award by former Blues player Kelly Chase, during ceremonies in St. Louis on December 16, 2015. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI


Kelly Chase joins the program to talk about a disappointing Game 3 loss last night, thinks Dallas was a much easier opponent for the Blues than the Sharks, Blues need to become more physical if they want to have a chance in the rest of the series, Chaser says team should be ashamed by the lack of hits in this series and need to hit the Sharks top line, is there any positives to look forward to this series for the Blues? Every game in the Chicago & Dallas series has been more entertaining than any game the Blues have played against San Jose. Boys do the Lakeside Roofing Exit Poll. Question 1. Who will win the Blues series and in how many games? Question 2. Over/Under for Cardinals season is 87 1/2…how many games will they win? Breaking News: the 590 The Man/1380 The Women Van is finally being attended to and may leave the parking spot that it has been taking up for two years. Bertarelli Cuts of the Week. Tim is power hungry is why he made his own TMA Fan Page and gets full control of who joins the page. Email of the Day!