The Morning After: Seg. 3 – Kelly Chase and Email of the Day


Another Blues song brings into segment in style, Blues analyst and friend of the show Kelly Chase joins the program courtesy of GFI Digital, Tim doesn’t know about shovels but he does know about Sybians, in Kirkwood are you required to have at least one tree when building a house, Steve in Wildwood is the Rocco Mediate of the Email of the Month competition but Matt Who Bowls at Hanks is heating up with the weather, did Tim have One Direction fatheads in the condo he’s selling to his sister, should he have gifted the place, updated odds for your Stanley Cup winner, Doug was 1 minute late checking in for his flight and is boarding group B, he’s got a stop-over in Vegas, are the Blues winning because of lesbianism or is lesbianism taking place because of the Blues success, Doug doesn’t have a rooting interest in the NBA playoffs, #AudioFun with Vin Scully talking about dirt while doing PBP, Tim went to one of the worst strip bars he can remember in San Jose, Frank’s piece on Wyatt and Gerry had KSDK viewers weeping because it was so artfully done, Doug’s closer gave up a walk-off Grand Slam last night as he’s facing Tim in Fantasy Baseball this week, Email of the Day.