The Morning After: Seg. 3 – John Kelly on Blues-Stars; Email of the Day

John Kelley
John Kelley is the St. Louis Blues play-by-play broadcaster for Fox Sports Midwest.


John Kelly from Fox Sports Midwest joins the program to get the fans ready for game 3 in San Jose, JK wants fans to realize how well San Jose has played for the first two games of the season, JK believes Hitchcock will switch up the lineup and could possibly see Reaves or Jaskin in replace of Ott, why have the Blues been better on the road than they are at home? What is the difference in styles of play between Chicago & Dallas compared to San Jose? San Jose is the most physical team left in the playoffs and are a tough matchup for any team in the NHL, Charlie has been using the cough button the whole show and was unaware that it wasn’t working, Charlie has never gone on a float trip, Tim and Cat are jealous of Charlies lucious hair, Cat gives Charlie credit on his live shot he did for TV last night, Charlie and Cat discuss how to properly dress for TV and what colors go with what, Tom from Salt n Smoke has one upped himself with one of the best commercial spots every recorded. Email of the Day!