The Morning After: Seg. 2 – TSN’s Sergio Momesso, Terry Yake on Blues-Sharks


The rink in San Jose is odd in that the backup goalie can’t sit on the bench, it must be strange having to go through the toughs in the crowd when making a change, former Blues forward turned TSN radio analyst Sergio Momesso joins the presentation, should the Blues take off practice today as Sergio suggests, in this series the 2 goal lead went from being the worst lead in hockey to insurmountable, is Charlie a celebrity at the High School games he covers, The Cat did a magnificent job picking Matt Adams’ walk-up music, Tim explains the latest drama with the Facebook Fan Page including the reason why he created a new one, The Cat and Charlie have press conference style questions for Tim regarding his new role as Fan Page CEO, Charlie thinks Bestal should’ve taken the money to turn over control of the original page, former Blues center turned Alumni Director Terry Yake joins the program, Yake would put in Jake Allen for game 4 to try and shake things up, Ryan Reaves needs to be playing for the Blues, Blues need to hit Sharks top line at least 25 times in order to have success in this series, Blues need to take shorter shifts to get more energy becuase of the Sharks advantage wth their speed, Tarasenko needs to pepper more shots on goal to give him some confidence, Timberfake joins the program to talk about his new girl he’s talking to, Timberfake wants to joins someone’s wiffleball team for the tournament.