The Morning After: Seg. 3 – Kelly Chase on Blues-Sharks; Email of the Day


Our listeners get 10% off at Thies Farms as part of their 9 a.m. hour sponsorship, Blues analyst Kelly Chase checks into the program, the Showtime inside the NHL show was tremendous, someone who describes themselves as a Jim Hayes hater keeps texting in but won’t call, perhaps we can workshop it, why would you continue listening to a show when you profess to hate everything that it’s about, one listener was so disturbing that Tim considered showing the text to his lawyer, the Plow Boy’s baliwick is anything to do with farming and growing plants, what must The Cat try at the St. Gabe’s picnic, should our listener fly in from Tulsa for this St. Gabriels school picnic … is the funnel cake that good, Doug is concerned about pronunciation at Ted Drewes, Email of the Day.