The Morning After: Seg. 2: Ron Darling on New Book & Nitwittery

Show Notes

Which league is more likely to expand to Las Vegas – NFL or NHL, Doug doesn’t think hockey would work in Sin City, how important is it for either league to be the first professional sport in the city, are people really going to interrupt their vacation to take in a hockey game, we were surprised and saddened to see that friend of the show Kimbo Slice passed away, Doug once tried to suspend him but then erased the name due to intimidation, Brock Lesnar is returning to the UFC for the first time in almost 5 years, is MMA actually safer than boxing, Tom joins via the phone lines to discuss how the San Francisco Bay Area could contend for all four major sports championships … or at least have them competed for in the metro area, MLB broadcaster Ron Darling joins the presentation, Doug remembers where he was when Keith Hernandez got traded, why would a pro athlete ever mess with recreational drugs, what constitutes an actual news story now … does cell phone footage or something from Instagram count, did Doug’s rant about Adrian Peterson go viral, Jay finds himself attracted to a one-legged woman … the one foot is quite nice, did Doug have a toe-tapping incident at KMOV in 2004.