The Morning After: Seg. 2: Remembering Muhammad Ali

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Ryan Kelley joins the program while at his world headquarters, the great Muhammad Ali passes away at the youthful age of 74, Muhammad Ali’s death brings up alot of humble brags on Twitter and Facebook, Charlie brags to the boys that he had a chance to meet Ali, Doug tells a story about Muhammad Ali and how nervous he was meeting him, the fellas relive some of the best Muhammad Ali stories they have heard, what might have been if Muhammad Ali stayed healthy, would Ali be remembered more for his boxing career or more for his political views? Charlie is appalled that Cat would pick a jelly donut as his go-to donut, playing some audio from an interview from the great Jack Buck and Muhammad Ali, Doug hates boxing now and refuses to pay to watch a championship boxing match, Floyd Mayweather is worth almost $1 billion, Charlie finds boxing now extremely boring compared to boxing back in the day.