The Morning After Seg. 2: Nitwittery Galore

Show Notes:

We check in with Plowsy behind the glass on this Ween Wednesday, Darin busted his belt this morning and was using an extension cord, Plow Boy will be in Chicago this weekend for a Bachelor Party … is he single looking to mingle, Chuck tried using a lanyard from his press credential as a belt recently, how much does Doug know about NASCAR, are the drivers on meth or cocaine, Tom calls in to discuss Carbon Monoxide, Katie tries to trick Doug into admitting he smoked pot, why did Plowsy start smoking, should babies wear glasses, Katie Kay says she’ll put her kids on leashes, we have a full bank of phone calls, Matt has a passionate take on the Gorilla situation from the Cincinnati Zoo, does anybody actually like Pitbull, are single people in better shape, does Katie get hit on more when she dresses down, she has an excellent sense of smell, Charlie has never been on a float trip, who is going to Larry Nickel’s birthday party, Katie doesn’t want to see Elephants get shot because they know how to paint.