The Morning After: Seg. 2 – Nitwittery at The #FreeDotem Open

Janie the Lesbian (Credit: Buck Swope)


Come back in segment with a hot Free Dotem track made by a loyal listener, they have confirmation that Deke Dotem has made an appearance at the Free Dotem Open, Charlie is amazed at how popular the show is, Timberfake also just showed up however the women he “kidnapped” is unable to make it today, Timberfake sits down and joins the program, Timberfake considered bringing 12 dead serpents in order to free Dotem, Charlie gave Timberfake no chance to beat Joe in a fight and he ended up shocking the world, Timberfake reveals that he was a baskeball stud in highschool, Jennings joins the show to begin the FFF at Normandy, caller Jordanne joins the show to get involved in the Foot Fetish Friday, Big Al is wearing golf gloves on both hands and isn’t even in the tournament, Jay begins taking pictures of Jordanne’s feet, when was the last time Jordanne was passionately kissed? Jay begins lightly rubbing Jordanne’s feet, Jordanne’s making Jay pinky promise that he wouldn’t use any tongue while kissing her foot, Jay is amazed at how well taken care of Jordanne’s feet are, Janie the lesbian arrives to Normandy with a scissoring t-shirt on, Caller Jordanne reveals that she went on 4 dates with Aroldis Chapman who was a Red when she lived in Cincy.