The Morning After: Seg. 2 – Nick Kypreos on Blues-Stars, Hummel on Cardinals

Nick Kypreos


Blues fans remember him for his run in with Grant Fuhr in 1996 but now Nick Kypreos joins us to discuss tonight’s Game 6, where will be watching the game tonight, The Cat tries to defend himself against the #Rightsholder label, is a down year for the Cardinals just the cost of doing business the past few seasons, debating the merits of the team spending more in free agency, John Vaughn stops by the studio with birthday gifts for Doug, he keeps calling him father rather than dad, John claims that the boy dungeon is real and that Dotem should be freed, the shrub walker also decides to stop by, Hall of Fame reporter Rick Hummel joins the program discussing everything Cardinals, it’s also the Sea Monster’s birthday, Doug says our show should be based on scripture, he needs to read the card from his son, why did Doug mumble through the read, the gentleman who posted on the Fan Page about his MFF is afraid to call-in but offers to craft an email, Big Al phones into the presentation and he’s still using his own bell.