The Morning After: Seg. 2 – NHL Network’s EJ Hradek; Bathroom Talk


Man this Ween Wednesday is sick, how many of the hosts will actually participate in the Free Dotem Open, would it be rude if Tim played through, will a lot of broads show up at this event, Mike Lee calls in and he’s pessimistic about Game 7, more discussion of the upcoming Golf Tournament, how do people get their names saved on the text line, did Charlie lose sleep over Jay Bouwmeester, Timberfake has been firing on Tawny via private message apparently, somehow Doug puts Chuck on the spot defending Hillary, it’s very intriguing to see who will be Trump’s running mate, should the White Collar Gangsta fight Timberfake, why do people correct punctuation and spelling and such with social media posts, what are Doug’s dinner plans tonight, NHL Network host EJ Hradek joins the program to preview Game 7, Tim is busy monitoring the trash situation here so he can’t field as many Fan Page issues, Plowsy is taking heat for saying he thinks Timberfake is entertaining, the Shrewsbury Seminary Student calls in with instructions for Doug to join Gmail, Doug explains the genesis of his SBC Global email address, Plowsy explains that cheating husbands can use hush mail, Doug like Sea Monster doesn’t really care to be on the air, apparently the Plow Shark was wrong about hush mail, Tim explains why Ashley Madison spots once aired during TMA, Charlie says the bathrooms at The Shaved Duck don’t say Men or Women but just Human, Doug says we’re making up problems including a “private” restroom on these premises.