The Morning After: Seg. 2 – NBC Sports’ Brian Boucher on Blues-Sharks Game 2


We can’t find any Blues rally songs so Plowsy finds a track commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Top Gun, Ryan Kelley calls into the presentation to discuss mortgages and how Larry Nickel drove his golf cart at the Free Dotem Open, Mitch the Sex Kitten is up next on The Appliance Discounters phone lines to discuss the controversial pictures he sent into the program, we’ve already sold 6 of 20 teams in the Wiffle Ball Tournament, scouting the stats from LAWA’s 2016 season, Izzy and Edmonds are still tilted by their matchup in Summer 2014, Big Al phones into the program, the Blues ratings have been huge this post-season, what treats will we be enjoying during the game tonight, former NHL goaltender and NBC Sports’ Brian Boucher is the rinkside analyst for the Western Conference Finals and joins the presentation, what would it cost to get into the building tonight for Game 2, what will an emotional risk management wager cost you tonight, Tim retweets the video of Wyatt and Gerry Nelson, Jonah Keri writes that the Cardinals Devil Magic has worn off, The Cat brings back the argument that hitters can foul off pitches at will, did Jose Oquendo have a similar career at the plate as compared to Pujols, did anyone hear Tim enjoying an orange during this segment.