The Morning After: Seg. 3 – More Nitwittery at The #FreeDotem Open

Larry Nickel (Credit: Buck Swope)


Blues are the favorite on Bovada to win the Stanley Cup, listeners are giving Doug gifts as well as shouting free dotem, Doug just said he would consider freeing Dotem, Janie the lesbian now joins the program, Janie had a tribbing session with the great bat signal Beth, Janie reveals mostly all the girls she plays softball with are lesbians, the team name for her team is the Pitches & Homo’s, Beth is considering moving up to where Janie is to continue the relationship, are shrubs coming back in the lesbian community, Larry Nickel wants someone to pick him up in Alton, Illinois, listeners are offering their services to help Larry get out to the Free Dotem Open, reliving the week that was with the Cuts of the Week. Email of the Day!