“The Morning After”: Seg. 2 – More Callers, Rick Hummel on Cardinals

Eric in the CWE and Caller Jordanne.

Show Open

Tim’s theme song brings us back into segment, where are people going for Spring Break now, how does Timberfake have another beautiful girlfriend, Caller Adam calls in with a question about Calhoun County and is quickly potted down, Caller Jordanne and Eric in the CWE phone in while driving to Alabama, Jordanne says Timberfake is using his voodoo doll on her, our HD signal is strong, have you heard of Tightwad MO, Donnie calls in with an explanation of Calhoun County, who is this Toni Lee that is Timberfake’s main squeeze, creeps friend request Anna-Marie and Caller Jordanne constantly, when Tawny was here one day her phone froze because of friend requests, Caller Adam is back to apologize and then sings to us, did Doug see the story about a man who was bitten by a toilet python, should Doug go on a float trip with our listeners and sleep in tent-pods, Timmy the Tickler calls back in under a fake name to continue the Lana Rhodes discussion, Hall of Fame baseball reporter Rick Hummel joins to discuss all things Cardinals, remembering Rondo, breaking news regarding the St. Gabe’s school picnic, Big Al phones in to offer up Cialis, should we all take a trip together in a Byerly trailer, Timberfake has arrived in women’s sunglasses and a George Michael shirt.