The Morning After: Seg. 2 – Jamie McLennan Previews Blues-Sharks Game 6

Former Blues goaltender and TSN analyst Jamie McLennan


Ween Wednesday is still sick, Tim reads from Marc Purdy’s column but Charlie thought it sounded like one of our emailers, fans are posting desperate pleas for the Blues on our new TMA Fan Page, Charlie wants to add St. Louis FC to the parlay, another Fan Page new member roll call, #AudioFun with Frank Cusumano seeing nitwittery on the Text Line, Charlie likes Jay Mohr who is a regular on We Are Live!, people seem to love when Chuck fills-in on the show, Stan Kroenke is a hillbilly billionaire, how concerned should fans be about the Cardinals starting pitching at this point, why aren’t there more gentlemen named Garth, introducing our new intern Madison, the most odd-placed intern we ever had was the young gentleman going to divinity school, discussing Kings of Leon, what’s the last song you listened to 20 times in a row, Caller Adam joins to discuss walk-up music at the Wiffle Ball Tournament, Charlie is sending mixed signals about his potential participation, should we have an official TMA lock-in, oh no Madison is a Blackhawks fan, Caller Dan drops by, former Blues goalie turned TSN analyst Jamie McLennan joins the program to preview Game 6.