The Morning After: Seg. 2 – Jamal Mayers, Kelly Chase on Blues’ Game 7 Win


Jay discusses logistics for tomorrow’s #FreeDotem Open, former Blues forward and Stanley Cup winner Jamal Mayers joins the presentation, Tim discusses how the odds for his emotional risk management bet fluxuated last night, the Sharks are almost a 2:1 favorite over the Predators tonight, Pittsburgh is favored over Tampa Bay, who was in net when the Blues and Penguins faced off in the 1981 playoffs, the Pens changed their colors from black and blue to black and gold to match the Pirates and Steelers, could we change the oil in our cars ourselves, we read Jennings’ tweet to Caller Jordanne, Jay explains how proportionality is important when judging feet, Blues analyst and friend of the show Kelly Chase checks into the program courtesy of GFI Digital, is Chaser the Mike Shannon of the St. Louis Blues.

Here’s the video Chase refers to in the interview: