The Morning After: Seg. 2 – Hockey Night’s Glenn Healy, Derrick Goold on Cards


Glenn Healy, Hockey Night in Canada analyst, joins the program to discuss the Blues and Sharks series and what to expect in game 3, Glenn really likes what he is seeing out of Brian Elliott, San Jose looked bigger, faster, stronger than the Blues in Game 2, Healy on how changing the lines up will help the Blues a lot in this series and especially for Game 3 in San Jose, how important Burns is for the Sharks and where does he rank in NHL of all defensemen? Healy thinks Burns would be an all-star as a forward and defenseman, Blues fans are over reacting to one bad game by calling for Hitchcock’s job, Plowboy was confused by a question that Tim asked but didn’t have the heart to tell Tim he didn’t understand. Derrick Goold of the Post-Dispatch joins the program to talk some Cardinals baseball, Waino was dominate last night because he had his curveball working, best curve balls we have seen Waino thrown in a start in recent memory, the errors and defense is the Achilles heel for the Cardinals so far this season, Cardinals have to decide what to do with Diaz & Wong when Peralta comes back from injury, Jeremy Hazelbaker explains that Lance Lynn’s apartment he’s living in is haunted, Derrick Goold does not seem interested in talking about it with the Cat, how do the Cardinals help Diaz with his defense since he does have 10 errors on the season so far, Goold talks about what he has seen from the Cubs so far this season, Plowboy explains his grocery shopping habits and where he goes to shop.