The Morning After: Seg. 2: Gary Belsky on New Book; Nitwittery

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Michigan J. Frog sets the table for the 8am hour, Jeff Hornacek has a hot daughter, The Cat didn’t realize that Tyrann Lue is coaching the Cavaliers, should Doug be proud that Greg Vaughn is competing in our Wiffle Ball Tournament, a gentleman calls in to talk about Dr. Pepper, The Cat shares a story about storming a little league field, what are the 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper, are people getting dumber, Charlie isn’t impressed with snapchat filters, the Shrewsbury Seminary Student calls in while podcasting the 7am hour, STL native and former ESPN the Magazine editor-in-chief Gary Belsky joins the program to discuss tuna and his new book, should we ever give media-review copies of books away as gifts, The Cat got some NHL playoff swag from Reebok, do you have any sympathy for the former Cardinals employee who got fired for hacking the Astros.