The Morning After: Seg. 2 – Former NHL GM Brian Lawton, Nitwittery


Discussing how Tim’s sister should use Ryan Kelley to help buy his condo, our friend Brien Haenchen loved a pic of The Final Boss next to Jung-ho Kang, the lesbian forecast for the #FreeDotem Open is currently at 6/10, the Predators made an impressive comeback last night to force a Game 7 of their own against San Jose, Haenchen is going to sue us for mentioning Mr. Fuji during a botched Mike Lee phone call earlier this hour, more discussion of former WWE managers and valets, Charlie makes light of every Mizzou team seemingly under a protest, friend of the show and NHL Network analyst Brian Lawton checks into the presentation, Doug wonders if our former intern Tawny could do better than the White Colla Gangsta, maybe the Blues thought last night was an 8:30 start ha ha, if Tim is going to do his Kennedy impression then Doug will counter with Reagan, Caller Adam checks in to discuss lesbianism in the stands at Scottrade Center last night, Charlie says walking the concourse with Doug last night was like haning out with George Clooney, Dave calls in to defend Caller Adam and explain why he doesn’t use computers.