The Morning After: Seg. 2: Derrick Goold & Random Nitwittery

Time Warner Cable presents the FOX Sports 1 Thursday Night Super Bash at Time Warner Cable Studios Featuring: Erin Andrews Where: New York, New York, United States When: 30 Jan 2014 Credit: Derrick Salters/

Show Notes:

 Contact Tim for the two available spots for the wiffle ball tournament, Derrick Goold joins the boys on air, Wainwright is leading the way for the Cardinals rotation, will the Cubs run into struggles, how will the Cardinals match up with Arrieta’s pitching this afternoon, Doug is waiting for Wong to start slugging away, Mike Matheny said Adams isn’t at the same spot as Wong, Rosenthal seemed more confident in last night’s game, Doug asks Goold if there is anyone to keep an eye on in minors, how is Reyes doing in Triple A, the boys question why Wong is playing center, Erin Andrews’ interview with Tim went wrong, Skip Bayless’ salary, Timberfakes are coming up in the 9 o’clock hour, Tim’s worried about his constant need to use the little wizard’s room, Doug suggests adult diapers, Charlie thinks Doug opened a can of worms bringing up diapers, Chuck mistakes Doug’s skin cancer as a pimple, go see Ryan Kelley the home loan expert, Matty Bear calls in to tell the boys it’s national donut day, Tim is a hypochondriac.