The Morning After: Seg. 2: Derrick Goold & More Nitwittery

Show Notes

Post-Dispatch reporter and Writers’ Block host Derrick Goold joins us from Cincinnati to talk everything Cardinals, Doug disparages the Reds attempt at rebuilding with guys like Votto and Bruce still under contract, how likely are the Cardinals to acquire another pitcher before the trade deadline, recapping how a fine piece of hitting can defeat a good downward plane, Charlie doesn’t like to tip his cap unless the opposing pitcher is like a Kershaw or Arrieta, Andy Banker is proud to be on a billboard in Earth City, however he’s disappointed to (likely) lose his P.A. gig with the Rams, Andy describes the audition process, did he create the Rams Rules, which NFL games will the 2 Fox air this fall, what kind of phone calls will KTVI get if they’re airing a Rams contest, trying to make sense of why Brian Williams made up a story about being under fire, Mike Lee opens things up today on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, is there a football crowd anywhere with fans who slow clap, the Greatest Race on Turf was pretty cool at the Rams games, Charlie doesn’t understand the helmet shuffle, the Dome was too dark and what was with the red seats, what are Plow Boy’s plans for today, is the new TMA Fan Page better than the original Morning After Fan Page on Facebook, why is Bernie Sanders continuing his campaign despite the electoral math, Doug wants both Trump and Hillary thrown out, more impromptu political talk.