The Morning After Seg. 1: The Cat is Back

Show Open

The Cardinals were unable to complete the sweep but The Cat – who’s back – issued a spirit win, did Hayes sabotage Doug’s microphone, why doesn’t Doug have his own Hot Take bell, everything that Brewers guy threw yesterday was like a frisbee, discussion of grass species, The Cat is focusing on the Cardinals success with pinch-hit HR’s, our listeners often fact check, how important is it to actually watch the games for this presentation, researching Zach Davies tattoo, is Joe Buck underrated, Potent Potable opens things up on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, have we ever heard of tongue tattoos, Doug had Jimmy John’s for lunch yesterday and ordered the Tuna Fish, why didn’t Doug watch the Cardinals while eating that Tuna Fish, Charlie defends making fantasy moves at 2am, who has better bread – Jimmy John’s or Subway, The Cat likes to order double meat at Jimmy John’s, Charlie pays extra for Guacamole at Chipotle, does Guac qualify as a sopping, The Cat details the relationship between Oh and translator Eugene Koo, Oh knows about crinkle cut fries, noting differences between the USA and Europe, discussing shower habits by country, should KMOX’s Chris Hrabe stop tweeting at us during the show.