The Morning After: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Charlie aka the White Rascal is here again today and he’s dressed for journalism, remember when you used to have to get dressed up to fly on a plane, it’s Peter North’s birthday, Cucky the Dwarf has vowed to return wearing his half-shirt today like he did before Game 7 against the Hawks, will Chuck say puck luck a lot again this morning, TIm was glad to see the Caps ousted simply for the fact that if the Blues win tonight they’ll have home ice throughout the rest of the playoffs, beware the whiney Dallas crowd tonight, Cucky the Dwarf joins via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, has somebody been deleting posts on the Fan Page again, the phone lines are lit, Timberfake joins the program – will he fight Bobby Vestal next, who did he bang in the Ameristar parking lot, now he might fight Ray King as Sex Lewis, who is going to meet Timberfake and Tim at the AVN’s next year, Timmy the Tickler is up next with a plan for Doug’s evening, what are Doug’s keys to Game 7 tonight, Vegas has the Stars as a very slight favorite this evening, Charlie claims that Brentwood is the city of warmth, discussing the group TLC, the range of outcomes for the Blues season is so great but it’s all hinging on this one game – it’s a wide delta, Doug is watching a bird outside the window, Charlie wonders why there aren’t any sports teams named after Robins, discussing which birds are more aggressive, the base coaches and Cardinal players wore different color hats last night, we like the blue road caps, do we know the Cardinals uniform numbers, St. Louisians seem more confident going into this Game 7 than they did against Chicago, Plowsy is contemplating a Fantasy Baseball trade.