The Morning After: Seg. 1 – Show Open


Chuck is here hosting today after dropping by to say hello yesterday, our Fan Page listener has emailed in about his MFF and Tim wonders if we should start our own Penthouse Forum, how will everyone react to the Blues failing to clinch a Conference Finals berth last night, Doug has a hockeyism prepared, why did the Blues have nothing in the first, why did the Blues miss the net and/or make extra passes so often last night, any scenario in which you wouldn’t start Elliott in Game 7, postgame audio reaction from the players and coaches, Bouwmeester falling down led to the 3rd goal, the Shrewsbury Seminary Student leads off on The Appliance Discounters phone lines and he’s a bit off topic, should Doug be embarassed for having SBC Global email, has this series been played as well as the Blackhawks series – Tim isn’t sure, the Xi Xi Iceman is up next to say “I told you so” about Bouwmeester, the Blues do always seem to have a whipping boy, listeners are turning on each other in the wake of this disappointing loss, does Jennings have his #FFF lineup ready for the #FreeDotem Open, Big Al checks into the program, who was the first person to bash Jay Bouwmeester, Timmy the Tickler isn’t happy with Doug’s defense of Jay Bo, is Doug acting like a Blues rightsholder, the phone lines are jammed, Andy wants to call out Shatty for not having a body on Fiddler, is the Blues loss somehow John Mabry’s fault, Jimmy calls in to actually defend Bouwmeester.