The Morning After: Seg. 1: Doug, Chuck and Jennings

Show Notes

Jennings is here today and he likes to double fist his coffee, how many diet cokes did Doug drink per day until he switched to Arnold Palmers, is Charlie’s voice angelic, should people use the word squirt in daily vernacular, Jay asks for an explanation about the Tuna Fish, meeting our new intern Nolan Ryan, we should hire another intern named Robin Ventura so that they can brawl, do they have Tuna in Lake of the Ozarks, what favor did Muhammed Ali ask of The Commish, when is the last time Charlie went fishing, Jennings isn’t a pool guy, Mike Lee calls in from Steak n’ Shake, what is proper decorum at Brentwood Forest pool, however you can’t drink alcohol there until 2pm now, Larry Nickel checks in to deliver the WWE Recap and discuss his birthday festivities, talking about the somewhat surprising news that Kolten Wong has been optioned to Triple A, is it fair to start questioning that contract or was the risk worth it considering the value of Matt Carpenter, Kolten is a stand-up guy so we hope he’ll turn it around, predicting how the Cardinals middle-infield will develop over the next year and a half, a listener compares Kolten to Tyler Greene but Charlie doesn’t see it, Doug doesn’t like leg kicks at the dish, next Mr. Vaughn regales us with tales of Rogers Hornsby, the second wild card is keeping this Cardinals season interesting.