The Morning After: Seg. 1: Let the Nitwittery Begin

Show Notes

The 7 o’clock hour is our favorite hour of this particular presentation on a day-to-day basis, the text line is already vile, Matt calls in to ask Doug for motivation before his business meetings, have you ever heard a baseball manager yell bow your neck, discussing shoulder exercises at the gym, Seth Maness did his postgame interview shirtless last night, an update on Diaz after taking a ball to the face last night, did the Redbirds at least earn a spirit win, Caller Adam chimes in to discuss his behavior at the Wiffle Ball tournament, Weezer got topless very early on Saturday, did Doug go hitless, the Wolf of Wash Ave has been getting sunburn from sitting in our studio, is there corn planted outside of our building, was Doug wearing women’s sunglasses at the Tournament, said girl is going on a spiritual quest in Spain and Plowsy is looking to the Fan Page for help, The Cat and Doug exchange Spanish phrases, does she have a hall pass in Europe, meanwhile Plowsy will be getting high in Montana, a listener suggests that Doug looked like Jackie O in those sunglasses which leads to an impromptu giggle fit, Charlie didn’t pitch well … maybe Tim’s brother should’ve started, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel.