The Morning After: Seg. 1 – Hello from The #FreeDotem Open


The boys are posted up at Normandy Golf Course for the Free Dotem Open, Doug tells a story about how he had to return a trophy he won at a golf tournament years ago, Caller Jordan will participate in her first foot fetish Friday, Timberfake wants to join someone’s foursome for the golf tournament, Normandy has been around since 1901, listeners are texting vile things about Doug as they are watching the show from a distance, Plowshark is no more because he is picking the Blues in 7 against San Jose, Charlie is getting heckled by the texters and listeners at the golf tournament, Charlie just revealed who Deke Dotem was on air, Big Al has arrived to the Free Dotem Open and he brings gifts for the boys, Big Al wearing a “Legit Boss” chain, beautiful women are now showing up by the dozen, Charlie calls out girls for not even turning on AM radio in their car, Boy’s guess how many piercing’s a female in attendance has, people at the airport asked Charlie for his autograph because they thought he was Tarasenko.