“The Morning After”: Seg. 1 – Fireside Chat Friday

Show Open

Charlie is trying to get his cans squared away, why do they call headphones that, now we’ll get back to being ass ponies, is Doug responsible for bringing home a Blues loss, Martin Jones didn’t even have to do that much for the majority of this series, Doug was straddling an equipment bag while video-bombing David Backes’ post-game interview, Doug doesn’t like referring to players by their numbers, what is Plowsy’s official prediction for the Stanley Cup Finals, Timmy the Tickler calls in and is almost immediately suspended, up next is Mike Lee and his pager is going off or something, meeting our new intern Dan who is no longer at University, Doug fondly remembers FDR and his Fireside chats, Tim is still bullish on Lana Rhodes, is porn still referred to as stag, we have a drop of Doug doing a porn moan, Charlie watched the first episode of The Bachelorette with Jo Jo and Aaron Rodgers brother, why is Tim into freaky bitches, “Ray King” joins via The Appliance Discounters phone lines, why did Rappers have deadly battles that led to Tupac going underground or dying, Janie TL checks in … she’s newly single and has developed an accent, Tim is spending Memorial Day weekend out in Vegas but on holidays like this it becomes Orange County-ish, Doug had to sit next to a large drunk gentleman on the plane ride home, Tim shares his boarding strategy for flights on Southwest Airlines, Doug almost sky-pigged with a tuna salad croissant, there was also an incident with a cashier who may have spit in Doug’s cup of ice, Jim calls in to discuss the National Spelling Bee.