The Morning After: Seg. 1: Doug, Chuck and Andy Banker

Show Notes

Making his third TMA appearance is Andy Banker who wields dual platform TV power, he likes that our studio is located between Taco Bell and Jack in the Box, what’s a boat slip, is sports radio life and death, discussing the Cardinals comeback that ended up falling short, Andy is still befuddled by the starting rotation, the Cubs are on pace to be one of the best teams in history, why can’t Wacha get the ball on that downward plane anymore, an opposite field single is always referred to as a nice piece of hitting, Doug also doesn’t like that you have to foul off a few pitches in order to have a good AB, Charlie wonders if at some point you put Wacha on the DL and let Reyes make a few starts, Andy likes to call HR’s ding dings, what can we realistically expect from Waino now as he ages, how much has Doug shrunk over the years, why did Mike Leake have a rough outing in his return to Cincinnati, Charlie wonders what happens with Grichuk going forward, are Cardinal fans more uneasy simply because the Cubs are so far ahead in the division, Banker preaches patience it’s only June after all, Wong may have more upside but Greg Garcia is more serviceable as a bench player at the moment, which position will Matt Carpenter ultimately reside at, does Charlie resemble Mike Leake, Doug is adamant that no player ever deserves an 8 to 10 year contract in baseball, how does investing in a baseball player in his 30’s compare to Backes in hockey at age 32, Jake Arrieta could be awarded one of the biggest arbitration awards ever if the Cubs don’t lock him up, is Kolten Wong going to have to buy all his teammates meals while he’s in Triple A, people might not be able to join the Marines with face or neck tats.